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Copor snc, established in 1980 following acquisition by a leading company in the field of sintered materials, boasts premises covering a surface area of 2,600 square metres,
200 of which are dedicated to office space.
Over the years, the company has experienced a growth in its business volume in both Italian and international markets with regard to the production of filters and silencers.

Copor snc offers and develops solutions to small filtration problems.
The quality of its products guarantees long-lasting partnerships.
The management strives to win and maintain customer loyalty, whilst constantly looking for new markets and applications with the aim of expanding the business.

The company produces filters, made from the ground up by processing raw materials such as metal wire.
All stages of the production process are controlled and recorded, with the added benefit of traceability available on request.
Using fully automated production cycles, Copor snc can produce both large and small batches.
The sintering furnaces guarantee a high level of capability.