Mesh filters

Mesh filters

Mesh filters can be manufactured in many shape and in a wide range of mesh materials to meet every customer specification. The filter is manufactured by punching, rolling and forming the mesh.

The most common applications are:
1)    Chemical industry
2)    Oil and Gas
3)    Food and beverage
4)    Pharmaceuticals
5)    Automotive

Many forms and dimensions are realizable. Copor can produce in according with customer’s drawings. The porosity can be changed forming different layers of mesh materials. Copor produce standard simple shapes, please ask for list.

material: Inox Aisi 304/316 Bronze - Brass Iron - Zinc plated Iron

POROSITY: da 15 a 2.000 micron

WIRE DIAMETER: rom 0,04 up to 2 mm.

TYPE OF FILTER: simple or compound

TRACTION RESISTANCE: from 15 up to 2.000 microns

NUMBER OF STITCHES: from 1,5 up to 26.000/cmq

download the product datasheet download the product datasheet