Mesh filters

Mesh filters

Copor, a leading company in the production of filtering systems, produces mesh filters by punching and welding a large variety of wire mesh and expanded mesh in order to satisfy every customer specification.

The mesh is obtained by weaving continuous wires on automatic mechanical looms. Thus a reticular cloth is formed, composed of Weft threads which define the width of the cloth, and Warp threads which define its length.

Mesh and wire cloth filters can be made in all drawable metals and alloys. Among those most commonly used, Copor manufactures cloth filters in AISI 304L stainless steel, bronze, brass, iron and galvanized iron.

The wire diameter of Copor mesh filters ranges from 0.04 to 2 mm and the degree of filtration from 10 to 150 microns for mesh filters, from 300 to 2000 microns for expanded mesh.

Their use ranges from the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

The robustness and resistance to high temperatures make the element mesh filters optimal in many areas: from the filtration of gases and fuels in the automotive sector, to the purifications and filtrations in the chemical process industry. In common food filtration even at a domestic level up to uses in disinfection and purification in the pharmaceutical field.

Mesh filters can also be made with particularly resistant special materials. This makes them excellent tools even for filtering aggressive substances.

Copor manufactures mesh filters in a wide range of shapes and sizes and at different levels of porosity according to the customer’s design and needs. We also have a wide standard range of simple discs and cylindrics shape, please see into the catalogue .

material: Inox Aisi 304/316 Bronze - Brass Iron - Zinc plated Iron

POROSITY: da 15 a 2.000 micron

WIRE DIAMETER: rom 0,04 up to 2 mm.

TYPE OF FILTER: simple or compound

TRACTION RESISTANCE: from 15 up to 2.000 microns

NUMBER OF STITCHES: from 1,5 up to 26.000/cmq

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