Spherical bronze powder filters

Spherical bronze powder filters

Copor has reached a high level of specialization and is especially equipped to manufacture metal filters, since 1980.
Sintered spherical bronze filters are processed by blending fine powdered materials into a desired shape without compacting, and then heating the material in a controlled atmosphere to bond the material by sintering.

The powder metallurgy process consists of three basic steps:
(1) powder manufacture.,
(2) owder blending into the mould,
(3) sintering,

The preparation of the mould happens at room temperature, then it is sintered in the furnace in neutral atmosphere. Many forms and dimensions are realizable. Copor can produce in according with customer’s drawings. The porosity can be changed sintering different blending powders.

Sintered spherical bronze filters are generally used in a wide range of applications and they perform a filtering degree from 5 to 100 microns. They are not used for food applications. They are normally used with air, gases, oil , liquids . The filters have low corrosion resistance that can be improved by nickel plating.

COMPOSITION: Copper 89% Tin 11%

POROSITY: from 35 up to 45%


LENGHTENING: from 2 up to 3,5%

TRACTION RESISTANCE: from 3 up to 6 Kg/mm2

DENSITY: from 4,5 up to 5,5



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