Stainless steel powder filters

Stainless steel powder filters

Copor, a leading company in the production of sintered filters, produces stainless steel sintered filters from the processing of Aisi 316L powders sieved, pressed and heated inside a furnace with controlled atmosphere, by sintering.

Sintered metal filters are the ideal choice for applications and processes where high tensile strength, corrosion and high temperature are required (up to 450 ºC). Filters with a maximum external diameter of 100 mm and a maximum length of 200 mm can be obtained, with filtration grades between 5 and 60 microns. There are many fields of application of sintered steel filters: chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical, aeronautical, food, nuclear.

They are mainly characterized by good durability against most aggressive media and are usable over a wide range of temperatures. High mechanical strength – Regeneratable by backflush / chemical / thermal or ultrasonic treatment.

Powder metallurgy is carried out in four phases

  1. Production of powder
  2. Sifting of powder
  3. Pressing in moulds
  4. Sintering

The moulding takes place at room temperature, while the sintering process takes place at high temperatures in a neutral atmosphere. Simple shapes are available, see the list of molds, On request we can produce filters to customer’s drawing. The porosity can be varied by working different sizes of powder.

Stainless powder filters are generally used with gas and ensure a filtration degree of 5 to 60 microns. They are normally used for the filtration of hot gases, such as flame filters, and with medical and food equipment. The filters have a high corrosion resistance because they are manufactured with AISI 316L.


material: Inox Aisi 316 L

POROSITY: from 25 up to 40%

DILATATION COEFFICIENT: from 5 up to 60 microns

LENGHTENING: from 2 up to 3%

TRACTION RESISTANCE: from 3 up to 9 Kg/mm2

DENSITY: from 5,5 up to 6,5



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