Comparative flow diagrammes

We are able to prepare all comparative diagrams useful to the picking of the most suitable silencer.
These are two examples of how a diagram facilitates the quan- tification and comparison of the relevant values.
Our technical division is always available for assistance with comparative flow diagrams for all our silencers and for any recommendations

Comparative flow charts
they are very useful in the choice
of the silencer.

It is very important to choose the best compromise between carrying capacity and noise reduction.
A model may not always comply with a companyís require- ments; certain silencers significantly reduce noise levels to the detriment of their carrying capacities; others are more suitable for large carrying capacities with the smaller reduc- tion of noise.

Our tests have shown that the SFESBE models are an excel- lent compromise thanks to their ability to reduce noise levels without leading to excess losses in carrying capacity.
A comparison with a similar size SEP model shows that they are much more efficient.
The SEP model has been developed as a breathing plug and to silence small quantities of air. It is not for use in other cases.